Onboard Screens

Now taking bookings for the 2023/24 season.

The following rates apply to appear on circa 50 onboard screens  -  all boats and routes. Landscape format. The 10 sec, 6 month is our *best buy* deal.

NOTE: Most campaigns are booked for 6 months to run high season (April-Sept). Our 12 months (April-Mar) rates reflect this also covers low season and are discounted (50%) accordingly.

10 second video;

  • one month £600+vat,
  • 3 months £1200+vat,
  • 6 months £1600+vat,
  • 12 months £2400+vat

20 second video;

  •  one month £900+vat,
  •  3 months £1800+vat,
  •  6 months £2700+vat,
  •  12 months £4050+vat

30 second video;.

  •  one month £1200+vat,
  •  3 months £2400+vat,
  •  6 months £3600+vat,
  •  12 months £5400+vat

If you have nothing prepared our design partner can put this screen promo together for you for £175 from content supplied. Creating new video content for you would be extra. This promo then becomes your property to use elsewhere too.

Examples of the 10 sec promo can be seen below....