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The Isle of Wight Voucherbook launches April 2024. Click image below to visit the website.

The Red Funnel Big Book Of Savings

The Red Funnel Big Book Of Savings

Reach Island residents with The Red Funnel Big Book of Savings delivered direct to circa 70,000 households five times a year. The book includes a great travel offers for Islanders, so is kept and referred to regularly. It’s an effective way to reach all Island households & demographics.

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The 2024 Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide has been distributed in Red Funnel terminals and onboard the ferries since April. They will also appear in local supermarkets for the Summer season.

If you’re looking to reach visitors to the Isle of Wight, the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide is a great option. The Guide is published annually and released every March/April with approx. 120K copies printed and in circulation until around November time. These guides are then distributed in Red Funnel terminals, onboard the vehicle ferries and in local supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys.

The guide is a pocket-friendly B5 size, with circa 130 pages packed with useful and key information for Isle of Wight visitors and potential holidaymakers. As a travel guide for the Island, the content will largely feature top tips, days out ideas, planning advice and multiple guides to beaches, food, places to stay, events and more!

Red Funnel estimate their new proactive distribution will circulate 170K+ copies of the Guide on board ferries and in terminals between early March and November.

This new approach to distribution is a much more effective way of getting your adverts seen by most, if not all, Red Funnel passengers/groups, instead of relying on them picking up a copy somewhere whilst on the Island. By refocusing distribution in this sensible, more effective way they can reduce their costs and yours.

In addition they will be sending hard or digital copies to the Red Funnel customer and audience database as they plan their trips to the Island. This for the first time will make the Guide attractive to the accommodation providers and 'destination' venues. As you can appreciate the Red Funnel database is a substantial one.

The option of a low season issue will be finalised after discussion at the end of September with Island businesses should they feel this would be useful. If we do produce an Autumn / Winter issue copies printed (and therefore advertising costs) will of course be lower for that issue.
  • Nearly half your potential customers arrive on the Isle of Wight with Red Funnel
  • Proactive/targeted distribution
  • Over 120,000 copies circulated on boats and in terminals and local supermarkets
  • Full season coverage (April - November) with one advert.
  • Lowering your costs for ferry magazine advertising.
Double Page Spread £5,950 + VAT

  • Full Page £3,950 + VAT
  • Half Page £2,050 + VAT
  • Quarter Page £1,050 + VAT
  • Eighth Page £550 + VAT
  • Listing £330 + VAT
*Inside front and back, facing contents are rate card + 25%.
*Outside back cover is £6 500 + VAT
2025 Pricing will be available in August 2024.

Pre-pay before publication (March 2024) and get 5% off your booking.
Payment plan over 3 months (by direct debit only) in April, May and June.
Payment taken in full on publication via single Direct Debit.
Important! Please note: Failed Direct Debit payments will be subject to a £50 administration fee.

Payment plans can be extended to include additional marketing options including screens, murals, banners etc, subject to campaigns being aligned with the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide publish date.


Listings appear in the Food and Drink, Places to Stay and Things To Do sections. The standard listing is free if you have booked a quarter page or more.
Listings consist of 50 words not including contact and location information.
e.g. If a pub in Ventnor booked a quarter page in the 'Explore South Guide', talking about Ventnor (£1,050) they would get a free standard listing in the food and drink guide.


Layered marketing can be very effective - a banner, screen and Isle of Wight Guide package deal means you are in front of customers whilst they board the ferry, on the ferry and on the Island (as most will pick up and keep hold of a Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide). With a package deal, it's cheaper to book everything at the same time.

Package Deal prices

Our most popular package deal is the Quarter or Half Page in the Isle of Wight Guide + a 10 second onboard promo video/static for £2,700/£3,800 +VAT.


All rates above are net so will need to be grossed up for agency discount, which is 10%.
For many companies layered marketing is the way forward! Reach your target audience throughout their journey to reinforce your brand or business. Red Funnel’s package deals offer you the chance to reach people at the terminals, while onboard and during their time on the Island via the Isle of Wight Guide that they will have picked up along the way.Prices exclude VAT.

Package 1 - £2,500*
Quarter page advert in Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (10 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Package 2 - £3,600*
Half page advert in the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (10 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Package 3 - £5,550*
Full page advert in the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (10 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Package 4 - £9,150*
Double page advert in Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (30 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Further add-ons:
6-month banner (small) Southampton Terminal 1 -£2,400+ vat
1 X six-month car ferry onboard mural - £2,900+vat
2 X six-month car ferry onboard murals - £5,800+vat
3 (all boats) six-month car ferry onboard murals - £7,200+vat

*2024 Prices
2025 Prices available from August 2024.
Please Note: packages including terminal banners and Red Jet floor tiles do not include printing. Package deals will be invoiced in full on fulfilment of the first element, unless a payment plan has been agreed.

  • Booking Deadline - specify position ASAP
  • Final Copy Date - February 2024.
  • Publish Date - late March 2024.
  • Distribution rollout - from March/April 2024

Copy Spec - Size is B5. Spec as follows…

  • 1/8 page = 66.5mm (w) x 50mm (h) no bleed
  • 1/4 page = 66.5mm (w) x 105mm (h) no bleed
  • 1/2 page = 138mm (w) x 105mm (h) no bleed
  • 1/2 page vertical = 66.5mm (w) x 215mm (h) no bleed
  • Full page = 168mm (w) x 240mm (h) 3mm bleed
  • DPS - please supply as two single pages.

Supply all display adverts as pdf to hello@wight-marketing.com
Classified text listings:  Contact details, website address + 50 words.
Enhanced Listing: Contact details, image, website address + 50 words.

For copy specs on ALL products go to

 Event Marketing and mid-week Business Boosters on the Isle Of Wight!

For Event Marketing most clients book for our standard event marketing campaign which is 3 days and incudes all 3 banner positions.  Most event marketing campaigns start 1 or 2 days before the event and the first day the event is on. So for a weekend event your marketing campaign is out and about island wide (or focused on your chosen route) on the Thursday and Friday preceding and then the first day of the event, the Saturday.


Event Marketing - all 3 banners - £1500+vat for 3 days. Includes Banner printing !

For Mid Week Business Boosters our billboard route is focused on your area meaning your potential customers are already close by - that's a huge advantage compared to other forms of advertising and will encourage impulse visitors. Already very close they just need that little nudge to visit you! With your weekends likely busy anyway our Business Booster campaigns usually run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so also avoid the usual 'changeover days' of visitors reaching them mid-break. You would usually only book one of the 3 banners as we often promote multiple local attractions. Business Booster routes are designed to be highly visible targeting people staying or visiting your specific locality so will spend the three days moving around between (and parked up in) the areas below....

Route 1: Sandown - Shanklin - Ventnor. Route 2: Bembridge - Ryde - Wootton

Route 3: West Wight Towns and Villages. Route 4: Cowes - Gurnard


Business Booster - single banner - £595+vat for 3 days.  Includes Banner printing !

Longer bespoke campaigns or static hire by arrangement.


 Our mobile Isle of Wight billboards make a lot of sense for brand awareness, events, open days, business boosters and new business launches. You can also hire us for evening promotions (banners can be floodlit), for a specific event marketing campaign or as a static billboard. 

Our mobile Isle of Wight billboards are seen in all the busiest locations so we take your advertising to where your customers are. 

Click HERE to see where our current clients campaign goes most days!

Why Mobile Makes Sense

We decided trailer billboard banners are the most effective for the island as we can really get in amongst where the people are. The larger billboard vans have limitations to where they can go so end up parked most of the day and of course digital animated /movie messaging makes no sense if the vehicle is on the move. Using our mobile billboards on the Isle of Wight also means our rates can be much cheaper than those of mainland operators as we have no ferry or accommodation costs.

How Does Response Compare?

It's all about the numbers. Most (non ferry) Island magazines have a print run or circulation 10-15k and that's spread over the one or two months the issue is out there. The Island's main weekly newspaper's last ABC certified circulation figure (2018) was circa 20k copies and obviously that's spread over seven days. Our mobile billboard is more prominent than a glanced at page and could be seen by more than that number of people every single day! Most people will not join local Facebook or social media groups when on holiday so our mobile billboards compare well with social media marketing too.

Routes And Timings

We adjust and plan our routes depending on the advertisers target market but our standard daily route includes all the busiest towns and several park-ups at busy, high visibility locations. During the summer months all major tourist areas can be visited more often with park-ups on the Esplanades and near the holiday parks. For retail advertisers we focus more on areas with higher numbers of residents out and about. On our standard daytime route your adverts are on the road for a minimum 6 hours usually sometime between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.00 pm with the earlier starts during the winter. We can discuss and adjust daily targeted routes with you. Our Business Booster routes focus just on your area, our Event Marketing routes focus on areas with the highest footfall.

What's Included?

Our mobile Isle of Wight billboards have three banner positions - our most popular trailer option has one at the back (6ft x 5ft) and one each side (8ft x 5ft) and these can be rented together or separately depending on your budget. Prices include route planning, driver, insurance, banner installation, daily banner cleaning and storage. On day 1 of your campaign you will receive a GPS log in and map (see above) of where your advert was seen which you can then use to monitor real-time location for the rest of the campaign. During the campaign you can see images of your advert in park-up locations. 

 Banner Production and Payment

If you use a friendly printer you can supply the banners to our spec, if wish us to print your banner(s) cost is £125 per banner and this is included in both our campaign packages.

(Think carefully about banner design, can you re use it for other things?)

Bookings: suggest as early as possible to guarantee availability especially for event marketing and high season.

Payment and copy due 7 days before start date. 

Contact Us Now - 07507 627449

With over 40 years experience of selling advertising, exhibition and sponsorship the team at Wight Marketing may be able to help you with contract sales.

We often work on short term, annual or one off projects and with performance based remuneration - so usually commission only. This often makes more sense as it works out cheaper than you taking on a salaried salesperson with all the extra costs that incurs.

Our team have previously worked on local newspapers, B2B magazines, consumer and lifestyle magazines, websites, trade directories, yearbooks, international exhibitions and conferences. We can sell floorspace, conference delegate packages, sponsorship and online, outdoor and display advertising packages. .

We are also interested in launching new publications as joint ventures with individuals / companies - e.g: event organisers that wish to compliment their event with a magazine (or vice versa) etc.

For more info or an initial chat contact Rob Hull on 07507 627449 or email hello@wight-marketing.com
Marketing on the Isle Of Wight - Magazines and Media

Magazines on the Isle of Wight are in abundance along with numerous other Isle of Wight media options. Identifying and contacting each one can be time consuming - time is money and we can help you save both!


If your business is looking to target those living on and / or visiting the Isle of Wight we can probably save you some time. With detailed knowledge of all the island's media (both printed and social) their audiences, frequency and costs why not let us do the groundwork for you?

After an initial discussion to determine your timing, target audience and budget we can put forward a fully costed marketing plan for your consideration.

- Isle of Wight media overview.
- our suggested options based on your needs.
- fully costed campaign plan and schedule based on your choices.
- we will book all the space for you.
- single invoicing and payment through us.
- copy spec, management, advice and supply*

* you design and create advert copy to the spec we provide - we can offer guidance and recommend creative agencies / designers should you not have one.

We charge a set daily rate to research, suggest and prepare a marketing plan for you - on average this is two to three days. Should you decide to proceed the subsequent activities (booking all the space, copy chasing/supply/checking and invoicing/payment) are not charged.


hello@wight-marketing.com or call Rob Hull on 07507 627449

Registered Company no: 11421871. VAT NO: 352 1652 20 

Advertising Sales Contractor.

Isle of Wight, UK
We are looking for an experienced advertising sales contractor from September 2023 onwards.

The job involves contacting island businesses about our range of marketing services - see website. You will be a self starter able to work from home and happy dealing with clients both face to face and on the phone. Most of your income will be through commission and a monthly retainer. This can be payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly. There is no upper limit on earnings and commissionable deal sizes range from £450 - £10,000+ with commission rates ranging from 7.5 - 20%.

This would suit someone experienced as either a full or part time role.

Apply Now