The 2024 Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide has been distributed in Red Funnel terminals and onboard the ferries since April. They will also appear in local supermarkets for the Summer season.

If you’re looking to reach visitors to the Isle of Wight, the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide is a great option. The Guide is published annually and released every March/April with approx. 120K copies printed and in circulation until around November time. These guides are then distributed in Red Funnel terminals, onboard the vehicle ferries and in local supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys.

The guide is a pocket-friendly B5 size, with circa 130 pages packed with useful and key information for Isle of Wight visitors and potential holidaymakers. As a travel guide for the Island, the content will largely feature top tips, days out ideas, planning advice and multiple guides to beaches, food, places to stay, events and more!

Red Funnel estimate their new proactive distribution will circulate 170K+ copies of the Guide on board ferries and in terminals between early March and November.

This new approach to distribution is a much more effective way of getting your adverts seen by most, if not all, Red Funnel passengers/groups, instead of relying on them picking up a copy somewhere whilst on the Island. By refocusing distribution in this sensible, more effective way they can reduce their costs and yours.

In addition they will be sending hard or digital copies to the Red Funnel customer and audience database as they plan their trips to the Island. This for the first time will make the Guide attractive to the accommodation providers and 'destination' venues. As you can appreciate the Red Funnel database is a substantial one.

The option of a low season issue will be finalised after discussion at the end of September with Island businesses should they feel this would be useful. If we do produce an Autumn / Winter issue copies printed (and therefore advertising costs) will of course be lower for that issue.
  • Nearly half your potential customers arrive on the Isle of Wight with Red Funnel
  • Proactive/targeted distribution
  • Over 120,000 copies circulated on boats and in terminals and local supermarkets
  • Full season coverage (April - November) with one advert.
  • Lowering your costs for ferry magazine advertising.
Double Page Spread £5,950 + VAT

  • Full Page £3,950 + VAT
  • Half Page £2,050 + VAT
  • Quarter Page £1,050 + VAT
  • Eighth Page £550 + VAT
  • Listing £330 + VAT
*Inside front and back, facing contents are rate card + 25%.
*Outside back cover is £6 500 + VAT
2025 Pricing will be available in August 2024.

Pre-pay before publication (March 2024) and get 5% off your booking.
Payment plan over 3 months (by direct debit only) in April, May and June.
Payment taken in full on publication via single Direct Debit.
Important! Please note: Failed Direct Debit payments will be subject to a £50 administration fee.

Payment plans can be extended to include additional marketing options including screens, murals, banners etc, subject to campaigns being aligned with the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide publish date.


Listings appear in the Food and Drink, Places to Stay and Things To Do sections. The standard listing is free if you have booked a quarter page or more.
Listings consist of 50 words not including contact and location information.
e.g. If a pub in Ventnor booked a quarter page in the 'Explore South Guide', talking about Ventnor (£1,050) they would get a free standard listing in the food and drink guide.


Layered marketing can be very effective - a banner, screen and Isle of Wight Guide package deal means you are in front of customers whilst they board the ferry, on the ferry and on the Island (as most will pick up and keep hold of a Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide). With a package deal, it's cheaper to book everything at the same time.

Package Deal prices

Our most popular package deal is the Quarter or Half Page in the Isle of Wight Guide + a 10 second onboard promo video/static for £2,700/£3,800 +VAT.


All rates above are net so will need to be grossed up for agency discount, which is 10%.
For many companies layered marketing is the way forward! Reach your target audience throughout their journey to reinforce your brand or business. Red Funnel’s package deals offer you the chance to reach people at the terminals, while onboard and during their time on the Island via the Isle of Wight Guide that they will have picked up along the way.Prices exclude VAT.

Package 1 - £2,500*
Quarter page advert in Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (10 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Package 2 - £3,600*
Half page advert in the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (10 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Package 3 - £5,550*
Full page advert in the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (10 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Package 4 - £9,150*
Double page advert in Red Funnel Isle of Wight Guide.
Six-month onboard video/static (30 secs) across Red Funnel fleet from April - September

Further add-ons:
6-month banner (small) Southampton Terminal 1 -£2,400+ vat
1 X six-month car ferry onboard mural - £2,900+vat
2 X six-month car ferry onboard murals - £5,800+vat
3 (all boats) six-month car ferry onboard murals - £7,200+vat

*2024 Prices
2025 Prices available from August 2024.
Please Note: packages including terminal banners and Red Jet floor tiles do not include printing. Package deals will be invoiced in full on fulfilment of the first element, unless a payment plan has been agreed.

  • Booking Deadline - specify position ASAP
  • Final Copy Date - February 2024.
  • Publish Date - late March 2024.
  • Distribution rollout - from March/April 2024

Copy Spec - Size is B5. Spec as follows…

  • 1/8 page = 66.5mm (w) x 50mm (h) no bleed
  • 1/4 page = 66.5mm (w) x 105mm (h) no bleed
  • 1/2 page = 138mm (w) x 105mm (h) no bleed
  • 1/2 page vertical = 66.5mm (w) x 215mm (h) no bleed
  • Full page = 168mm (w) x 240mm (h) 3mm bleed
  • DPS - please supply as two single pages.

Supply all display adverts as pdf to
Classified text listings:  Contact details, website address + 50 words.
Enhanced Listing: Contact details, image, website address + 50 words.

For copy specs on ALL products go to