Mobile Billboards Isle Of Wight

Looking for billboard advertising on the Isle Of Wight?


 Our mobile Isle of Wight billboards make a lot of sense for brand awareness, events, open days, business boosters and new business launches. You can also hire us for evening promotions (banners can be floodlit), for a specific event marketing campaign or as a static billboard. 

Our mobile Isle of Wight billboards are seen in all the busiest locations so we take your advertising to where your customers are. We are usually on the road 6 hours a day, 6 days per week. 

Click HERE to see where our current clients campaign goes most days!

Why Mobile Makes Sense

We decided trailer billboard banners are the most effective for the island as we can really get in amongst where the people are. The larger billboard vans have limitations to where they can go so end up parked most of the day and of course digital animated /movie messaging makes no sense if the vehicle is on the move. Using our mobile billboards on the Isle of Wight also means our rates can be as much as half those of mainland operators (no ferry or accommodation costs) and our printing costs are much cheaper too.

How Does Response Compare?

It's all about the numbers. Most (non ferry) Island magazines have a print run or circulation 10-15k and that's spread over the one or two months the issue is out there. The Island's main weekly newspaper's last ABC certified circulation figure (2018) was circa 20k copies and obviously that's spread over seven days. Our mobile billboard is more prominent than a glanced at page and could be seen by that number of people every single day!

Routes And Timings

We adjust and plan our routes depending on the advertisers target market but our standard daily route includes all the busiest towns and several park-ups at busy, high visibility locations. During the summer months all major tourist areas can be visited more often with park-ups on the Esplanades and near the holiday parks. For retail advertisers we focus more on areas with higher numbers of residents out and about. On our standard daytime route your adverts are on the road for a minimum 6 hours usually sometime between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.00 pm with the earlier starts during the winter. We can discuss and adjust daily targeted routes with you. 

What's Included?

Our mobile Isle of Wight billboards have three banner positions - our most popular trailer option has one at the back (6ft x 5ft) and one each side (8ft x 5ft) and these can be rented together or separately depending on your budget. Prices include route planning, driver, insurance, banner installation, daily banner cleaning and storage. On day 1 of your campaign you will receive a GPS log in and map (see above) of where your advert was seen which you can then use to monitor real-time location for the rest of the campaign. During the campaign you can see images of your advert in park-up locations. 

Prices, Banner Production and Payment

Most clients book for our standard campaign which is 6 days and can have 1, 2 or all 3 banner positions. We keep one day per week free (usually Monday unless a bank holiday)  for banner changeovers and/or vehicle, trailer cleaning and service. Most campaigns therefore start on a Tuesday but it's flexible. Clients booking a month get a discounted rate and an extra 2 days. Our standby deals are the best value giving 6 - 10 days of consecutive coverage in any month at far reduced rates.


High Season Pricing (April - September) Excludes VAT

Number Of Banners ( )1 day3 days6 days10 days Month banner printing
Standby Deal ( 1 )*n/an/a£650£950n/aIncluded
Multi Client ( 1 )n/an/a£950£1250£2850Included
Solo Client ( 3 )n/an/a
Event Promo ( 3 )**n/a
Static Hire ( 3 )***£175£375£675£1,075£2575£297

*If you want to register for a standby deal let us know - they don't come up often but great value

.**Event Promo Three Day Package is usually for two days preceding + day 1 of event.

***Static Hire: includes delivery, collection & set up at your chosen location.

Banner Design and Printing

£99+vat per banner (artwork supplied to our spec) or £149+vat per banner (artwork designed by us) or you can arrange your own design and print to our copy specs.

(Think carefully about non-event banner design, can you re use it for other things?)

Bookings: suggest as early as possible to guarantee availability (especially for event marketing and high season).

Payment: In advance three days before first day of campaign. 

Copy date: 7 days before start.

Current availability: April 19th onwards - Side Banners.

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